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What will make you love me?

Sunday, August 29, 2004


The concert last night was incredible! I havent felt that alive in a while. Ive finally got my mind off Davy for right, so I wanted to thank all you guys who helped me overcome my love for him! U kno i love u guys...There was a little hottie in the front row last night, but I assumed he had a boyfriend-him being so hot and all...anywho yea..ill catch yall later ! ;)

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004


My mind wanders as I write..hes sitting there across from me. Watching me. How did it come to this? I was playing a set with Redemtion 87 when I saw him in the crowd. My heart stopped, as my hands almost did too..I was breathless. And from that day on, no other guy could make me feel that way. No way, no how. All the meaningless sex with girl, guys, groupies. It meant NOTHING. And now all I can do is wonder how it came to this. To me being in the band. To our first kiss. To the first time he pushed into me...I knew we'd never be the same.

I love him...but I hate him. He drives me crazy, but he drives me wild. Davey, Davey, Davey...I just want you to hold me. To love me back for once. You say you love me, but theres no feeling in your words; no passion in your kiss. Once again I will kneel down in front of you-beckoning to your every whim; obeying your every order. You are my god..my life..my everything. And even if I wanted to, there'd be no where to turn.

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Monday, August 9, 2004



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I hate you. But what binds me to you?

You think you're really special
You think I think you're best
You think you're really something?
You're no better than the rest

I would rather you die. But what makes me come back?

You think you've got the looks
You think you've got the fashion
You thought you'd have me wanting more

I want you so bad. I need you entirely. Davey why do you torment me so? I wish you would leave..but would I follow? Thoughts of yesterday explode within my mind...

He pumped harder as I whispered softly "Davey". Sloppily he kissed my lips, as I grabbed his erection and starting jerking him off-matching the rhythm of his thrusts. This was all I wanted...forvever. He was all I could concentrate on throughout the day-throughout each and every single show; fighting my painful hard on..hiding it behind my guitar as I struggled to play my best show. His beautiful voice reverberating through my body-chilling my heated body. And here he was. With me. And I thought happiness would last forever....


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